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"We're Proxi, and we're passionate about building extraordinary customer relationships."

What We Do

Above everything else, we believe that customer satisfaction is the #1 goal.

Proxi is a Business Process Outsourcing company that specializes in Contact Center Management. We have innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, the highest security standards, and superior reporting and analytics, but that's only the beginning. What really makes us stand out is our philosophy that everything we are—our people, our technology, and our processes—should lead to a positive experience for your customers.

We also save you time and money. When you partner with Proxi, we provide the technologies and workforce you need to optimize your revenue. That way, you can focus your budget and energy on what your business does best. Meanwhile, we'll support you and your customers with our proven resources and experience.

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Exceptional Service

We know that every business is unique,

and that a "one-size-fits-all" approach to your business is ineffective. We work with you to make sure our partnership furthers your company's goals, and to create a solution for your specific business needs.

Leading Technology

As your business becomes more complex, so do the needs of your customers.

Along with Inbound and Outbound telephony services for the contact center, we offer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies to enable self-service, as well as Email, Web Chat, Text Messaging, and Social Media communication to interact with customers the way that they want to interact with you.

Geographical Advantage

Our U.S.-based call centers

are located in the Midwest (Lincoln, Nebraska, and Aurora, Colorado), operating across two time-zones (Central and Mountain) and serving your customers 24/7. This provides your customers with clear and effective communication for a positive brand experience. All of our associates work in one of these two offices, allowing us to safeguard your customers' data by controlling physical access to the premises.

Superior Security

Proxi is serious about security.

We comply with all government regulations, maintain hardware and software in secure locations, and hire great people who leave nothing to chance. We continually invest in our associates' security knowledge—along with performing detailed background checks and going through government clearance processes, all associates attend ongoing security training sessions.

Business Insights

We're not just providing exceptional service.

Don't let vital customer data fall by the wayside; use it to your advantage! With our Reporting and Analytics service, we can analyze the needs and behaviors of your customers, providing you with the data you need to manage your business in the most effective way possible.

Who We Are

Proxi is a Midwest-based outsourcing organization with a passion for outstanding business processes and exceptional customer service.

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Our Solutions

Serving your customers quickly and professionally is our #1 goal, and we have a lot of tools to make that happen.

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