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Case Studies

The Arbor Day Foundation

We handle roughly 99% of the Arbor Day Foundation’s member calls and consistently meet and exceed service levels. Abandon rates have decreased substantially since we started handling member calls. We continue to strive toward our goal of a “once and done” philosophy, meaning members should only have to call in once to get all their questions answered.

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HomeAdvisor approached Proxi with a challenge: create greater revenue by converting more service calls into sales. When HomeAdvisor customers call with a home repair or service-related question, they are generally focused on fixing a specific problem. Contact center associates have a tremendous opportunity in these interactions to not only solve the issue at hand, but help the customer see the bigger picture in caring for their home. HomeAdvisor needed a partner that understood the value of digging deeper with their customers, ensuring all of their needs are considered and met.

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The Proxi Experience

At Proxi, our philosophy is that everything we are – our people, our technology, and our processes – should lead to a positive experience for your customers. Check out the path we follow to bring that philosophy to life.


1. Discovery

In the discovery phase, our focus is just that – discovering what makes your team tick, the defining elements of your team culture, and what works. Our subject matter experts will spend time with you to find out more about your operations and define how we can help you best. By the end of the discovery phase, you’ll have our statement of work, a dedicated engagement manager, and a signed contract.


2. Planning

In the planning phase, we hone in on determining the most effective and efficient way to implement your solution. Through continual evaluation and refinement, we’ll collaborate with you to finalize a milestone-based implementation plan.


3. Execution

With a plan in place, we will complete system integration, train the team, and perform quality assurance tests with you to guarantee that you are satisfied before moving to production.


4. Production

As we move to production, we focus on readiness. We’ll verify the system from end to end, assess operational readiness, and – once we have your approval – push the system live, monitoring every detail along the way.


5. Management

As we move to the management phase, our partnership flourishes. Our research into your business and your culture comes to the forefront as we interact with your customers. We work to ensure that the transition is seamless and our expert staff can readily meet every caller’s needs. To make sure you’re always tapped in to the program, we will provide reports that give you a comprehensive view of contact center performance and insights unique to your business.