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Who We Are

Proxi is a Midwest-based outsourcing organization with a passion for helping businesses succeed through outstanding processes and exceptional customer service.

With almost 40 years of experience providing top-notch customer service experiences, our expertise is understanding our customer needs and responding with unique and individualized solutions.

We want to partner with companies who value secure systems, flexible technology, and a commitment to outstanding customer service. Our philosophy is that everything we are—our people, our technology, and our processes—should lead to a positive experience for your customers.

Our team is dedicated to:

  • Creating high-touch customer experiences
  • Representing our clients as well as they represent themselves
  • Helping our partners reduce operating costs
  • Continually investing and improving on our best-in-class telephony and system integration
  • Retaining and recruiting associates with specialized skills for our unique culture
  • Emily Emily Schmitz Engagement Manager

    Emily joined Nelnet in 2014. She has several years of project management experience, with a focus on understanding a client’s culture and working with the internal team to replicate that environment. She is responsible for creating an excellent client experience from the business development phase through the production management stage of a project. Emily utilizes her outstanding organizational and communication skills to guide the Proxi team, as well as our clients, throughout the implementation to ensure a timely delivery of milestones and client satisfaction.

  • Megan Ehmen Megan Ehmen Engagement Manager

    Megan joined Nelnet in 2016. She is an experienced project management professional, working with clients to meet their initiatives and goals. She is responsible for fostering strategic partnerships from the business development phase through the implementation and delivery of a project. Megan utilizes her exceptional communication and management skills to coordinate cross-functional teams through meetings and progress measurement activities, delivering a timely and efficient program implementation.

  • Adam Adam Classen Director

    Adam is a dedicated leader with 13 years of experience in the student loan and customer service industry. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Diversified Servicing Center and plays an integral role during the onboarding process, building successful customer support teams. Adam’s teams have a laser focus on their customers. They pride themselves on being transparent communicators, embracing and driving change, having an “Own It” mentality, and most importantly, providing a great customer experience.

  • Stacy Stacy Stevens Supervisor

    Stacy joined Nelnet in 2004, bringing more than 12 years of customer service experience. She is skilled in project management and onboarding new business clients within the Diversified Servicing Center. In her daily work, Stacy brings organization and strategy efficiencies, and has a passion for growing leaders to the next level. She believes there is no “I” in team, and that each person is an instrumental member of both her team and of the organization.

  • Donald Donald Rastetter Supervisor

    Donald joined Nelnet in 2013. He has a proven track record of building and maintaining customer relationships. In his role as supervisor in the Diversified Servicing Center, he is responsible for strategic action plans and initiatives to support Proxi clients, including the areas of policies and procedures, staffing, call volume, client-facing metrics, and overall performance. Donald is a demonstrated and results-focused leader who provides direction and motivation to his team, playing an integral role in their growth and success.

  • Adam Van De Water Supervisor

    Adam joined Nelnet in 2009, and brings multiple years of experience in the customer service industry. As a supervisor, he is responsible for organizing and presenting daily data metrics and reviewing agent statistics for quality assurance. Adam takes pride in motivating and providing guidance to his team members to help them succeed in their jobs.

  • Bobbie Curran Supervisor

    Bobbie joined Nelnet in 2013. As a supervisor, she is responsible for managing and creating policies and procedures, staffing models, and call volume, as well as driving team performance. Having worked on multiple customer service teams, Bobbie has a proven track record for adapting quickly to change. She brings a fresh perspective to her role with a positive and encouraging attitude, and motivates her team to strive for excellence.

  • Melissa Marks Melissa Marks Director of Business Development

    Melissa has been with Nelnet since 1997, and has been leading Proxi since 2012. Melissa brings a deep knowledge of business to business services and solutions development to Proxi. She has focused on understanding the needs of businesses for outsourcing solutions across a variety of industries, including state and federal governments, large multinational financial institutions, regional and national banks, and not-for profit organizations. Melissa’s goal is to help companies create value by targeting growth opportunities and tailoring initiatives to meet business needs.