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Everything We Do Leads to a Positive Customer Experience

Proxi functions as a seamless extension of our clients and is devoted to quality beyond compare.

Why Choose Us?

Your business is unique. Your contact center solution should be customized to your specific needs and values. Proxi offers a variety of innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, outstanding customer service, unbeatable security standards, and superior reporting and analytics tools – and that’s just the beginning. Over the course of our partnership, we will create tailored solutions to help grow your business and further your company’s goals.

Why Proxi?

  • We take care of your customers and brand in a professional, personalized manner
  • Your data and customer information is safe and secure in our protected environment
  • Our flexible, scalable, and dependable systems help you reduce operating costs
  • We invest in best-in-class telephony solutions to enhance call experience and customer insight
  • Our multiple, redundant facilities in the Midwest offer stable and secure data storage
  • We hire associates who foster a culture centered on serving your customers

Drive Decisions with Data

Your partnership with us isn’t just about answering the phone – it’s about helping your business learn, grow, and evolve. Our standard reporting package contains informational reports designed to give you key insights into your campaigns and customers. Each report includes a different set of data points, formats, and timeframes to provide you with a comprehensive view of how the contact center is performing and insights unique to your business.

Call Summary Report

  • Provides snapshot of the prior month’s call performance, broken out by day
  • Highlights key metrics for interaction volume and service level
  • Offers best indicator of overall performance for the month

Call Interval Report

  • Illustrates call patterns and trending call times
  • Delves into call volume distribution by the day of the week, and by hour of the day
  • Can be used to forecast future business needs, evaluate growth rates, and measure the effectiveness of timed marketing or mailing activities

Customer Insight Report

  • Captures data about the wants and needs of your customers and how best to help them. With this report, we are focused on cultivating a deeper understanding of your customer base
  • Garners insight on who is calling in, why they are calling, and what kinds of things will give them a positive customer experience.
  • Three segments in the report include:
    • Call disposition analysis: looks at the tags agents apply at the end of each call to provide information on why customers are calling
    • Call regional demographics: Provides a geographical breakdown of the location of your customers
    • Customer satisfaction trending : Analyzes the kinds of agent and call interactions that customers prefer

    Campaign Detail Report

    • Designed to measure the relative performance of different campaigns
    • For Outbound services, this report evaluates the success rate of outbound interactions across different customer segments and dial types
    • For Inbound services, it evaluates the success rate for different inbound toll-free channels

Achieve Efficiency and Effectiveness with Cutting Edge Technology

When it comes to technology, flexibility is important – depending on the needs of your business, we can configure your solution accordingly. Our solutions are scalable, allowing us to quickly increase or decrease the number of people assigned to handle your interaction volume. And, when you partner with Proxi, we analyze your current technologies and integrate them with ours seamlessly, transferring your contact center base without interruption. Our hardware and software systems are designed to make customer experiences effective and efficient.

Voice systems with 99.9% availability Customers receive support when they need it
Scalable solutions We can quickly increase or decrease the number of agents assigned to handle your interaction volume, maximizing efficiency and saving money
Seamless integration with your current technology No interruption to service during integration
VoIP technology Save time and money while operating with highest standards
Automatic Call Distributor
Interactive Voice Response
Text-to-Speech Software
Customer interactions handled in the most efficient and effective manner

Protect Your Data with Our Comprehensive Security Program

Proxi takes security regulations very seriously. We use comprehensive and ongoing risk management of our processes, systems, and technology to meet client, regulatory, and high internal standards. Our security and compliance standards include:

  • Adherence to Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Systems and infrastructure are Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, following National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) regulation
  • Servers housed in secure data center in Bellevue, Nebraska, with a backup facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • All associates may be subject to detailed background checks, government clearance, and security training sessions